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my lore pertaining to principal mitchell from kirby buckets

byron edgar mitchell is the only child of allan and charlotte mitchell (née arthuis). they were born on april 13 1962 in forest hills, california. allan mitchell is of welsh/american descent and is an only child, and charlotte was born to french immigrants in louisiana and she has a twin sister named caroline

byron is undiagnosed autistic and a traumatic brain injury survivor. their brain damage left long-lasting effects on their cognition, mainly in the form of (visual) agnosia and face-blindness (which was partly inherited from her mother)

byron was living with their parents and grandparents in their family home until allan and charlotte got a divorce, with allan gaining full custody of the child. charlotte returned to new orleans for a few years before returning to forest hills and living with her sister's family. after graduating high school, byron got accepted into ucla where she ended up studying electrical engineering together with being prepared for pedagogy. during their masters years they managed to secure a spot as a science teacher at a local la middle school, and during their doctorate they became a lab assistant at their university

done with her education, byron had returned to forest hills and began teaching at the high school. in 1994 they finally became the principal and has kept this position ever since