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no diary entry for march, but that doesn't mean i am gone again! i got caught in a bunch of shit lately and i barely got on neocities in this period.

life's been good! i went to someone's birthday party this weekend and i had plenty of fun there. i'm back at the university library to do my electrical engineering assignments. they're kicking my ass hard, but also there are a bunch of weird noises happening here and they're both pissing me off and making me laugh (this place is supposed to be quiet and yet people are dragging furniture around or whatever else could be making all this racket??). how the hell is half of the semester almost already over?

my kirby buckets special interest is still going on strong lol, but i'm happy to have people to talk to about this now, unlike 5 years ago... the friend whose bithday i attended told me he'll watch wayne (my favorite tv show which i like so much because it has stephen kearin playing an important role) so we'll see how that goes!!! i love corrupting people

this library is fucking haunted, i swear to god