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wowie, i disappeared again!

my second term is over and now i'm in the exam period. i went home for quite a while and returned to my dorm today. it's sad to see the year go by so fast, but i had lots of fun! last month i talked with some friends and we decided to move in together next year! i'll leave my current room for good but i'm really looking forward to my new roommates

my interest in kirby buckets faded and instead i'm now focused on wayne!! really, what i mean by wayne is stephen geller specifically, can you tell i really love that guy? (hint: him and principal mitchell were played by the same guy lol). decided to make him trans and rework some small aspects in the older lore i came up for him, so expect a lore entry pretty soon!

now that i'm back in the big city i can finally visit the queer hangout again. i haven't been there in a hot while so they must've missed me. there are going to be lots of activities organized by them later this month which i'm definitely going to attend, and finally the pride march on july 1st! i'm still debating if i should be out and proud for pride or just larp as an ally (i'm scared of people who know me finding me there hah), but i can't wait regardless!